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Monday, July 31, 2006

Kabi Alvidhaaa Naaa Kehnaaaa

Saturday Evening...the sky has started to blush.... we are out again amongst the lust green meadows punctuated with small pathways left by the occasional wanderer and I cannot but wonder if most of them were but our own....where man has tread even grass does not grow!!!

It has been a rough week with a lot of developments not technically anyway people are joining and leaving at will and no idea how i will be be able to manage all these, there have been instances where i have thought sitting down and writing code myself would be much better and enjoyable....I get the usual frown from her "There you go starting about your office again, I guess we took this walk to talk about other things"...the one liner effectively reminds me how often i end up carrying my office in my head always...reluctantly i unburden loads of junk excel sheets from my head...a big relief!!!What about you dear always at home but always busier than me...I guess you should have been with the industry...anyway it does not make a difference decided to QUIT...she looks at me and give a heart warming wry smile...certain things are not in our hands...I can see the silent gloom in her eyes and I quickly say hey you know the new secretary at my office..."my dear I guess this would have got me interested in the early years of our marriage and besides I know only too well that your heart is full of me and our family"....I quickly add what I meant to say was that she is not even half as pretty as you are...once again the I know too well look.....
"you must remember that our daughter is grown up and we must take stock of things"...gently reminding that there are other things more important things to be managed....Well she is still in college and yes the prospect of her marriage scares me but then our daughter is intelligent in that aspect she will go abroad for studies and yes will definitely marry someone who is intelligent and works smart unlike you who married me only to realize that I work HARD..ha ha ha....

"My concern is you... you have been working hard since i dont know when but you must look around you and at the mirror growing older...faster...i felt the blood in my heart freeze...and with a lump in my throat...i manage to say well not many have a wife who is always young and pretty...a hint of rain and the irresistable smell of rain kissed mud..."I guess we return before it rains heavily....."

I reach the gate where I meet my daughter on her way back from her music rehersals...She says - Dad I saw you walking amongst the meadows....why did you go out alone?I would have joined you had you waited till I returned.

Come my child lets go inside its started raining...I will make some tea and we will go out tomorrow.....